Eggy Dinner & Eggy Questions

A large folded omelet on a white rectangular plate which is situated on a stovetop.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are lower than average effort toward dinner nights. My oldest son and my husband are usually at soccer practice and I tend to cater toward the tastes of my youngest two. These are the dino chicken nugget nights or the something from Costco night.

Tonight I made omelets. I made a 6 egg cheese omelet and split it in half for the kiddos. I served it up hot and added a piece of cinnamon raisin bread. Yum!

For me, I made a whole delish omelet but added bacon bits. Extra yum! Don’t worry, it was not a 6 egg omelet and I did not enjoy a slice of bread.

Before whisking up the eggy delight though I had some eggy questions that needed answering. When I have a question, I need to know the answer. Otherwise … well … You don’t want to know otherwise.

I called up my bestie Blind Broad and author of the It Starts with Quiche blog because she would have the answers I was seeking. For the record, it should be noted that the following conversation is my interpretation of what was said. Any mistakes are mine.

Blind Mom: Does it matter if you use a whisk or a fork? Is there really a difference?

Blind Broad: Well, for an omelet you really just want the eggs to be incorporated. You know when they are incorporated when you lift the fork or whisk up and it feels long and stringy.

Blind Mom: I heard that order of operation is important when it comes to adding your spices. How true is this?

Blind Broad: My opinion is that most spices you want to add early so the taste is throughout the omlet. Add fresh herbs though at the end. Now, salt … when you add salt is important because you don’t want the proteins in the eggs to get too tough. You want to add the salt into the egg mixture right before they go in the pan or right after the mixture has been poured into the pan.

Blind Mom: As for salt, I don’t like to add salt to my eggs unless I really need to. Usually, I don’t add it at all, but if I take a bite and feel I need salt, I’ll add it then.

Blind Broad: That’s right.

Those were my burning questions. I feel happier now that I know. And my omelets came out great. Above is photographic evidence of my omelet. The spatula and I had a few words which is why one end is a little beat up looking. Otherwise, my omelet was damn delish!

Signing off for now,

Bay Area Blind Mom

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