Why, Oh Why?

Me: Erik you are going to share today at daycare, right? Erik: no. Me: why not? Erik: because I don’t want to go with my friends. Me: well, you need to share. Erik: why? Me: its the right thing to do. Erik: why? Me: you are a good boy and that means you share. Erik: why? Me: kid, aren’t you suppose to ask why when you’re three? Aren’t you a bit young for that?

This was a conversation I had this morning with my 29 month old son. It is unbelievable the questions that come from him every day. I am always amazed and awed at how language, thoughts, ideas are developing and forming in his little brain.

Now, if only I can dig deep down inside and find the strength and patience to answer the many questions I will be deluged with in my immediate future.

Signing off for now,
Bay Area Blind Mom

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  1. Not to scare you, but my almost 5 year old nephew is still in the “why” phase, and after spending a week with him, Marley is back in the “Why” phase again.


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