Potty Training Chronicles: Days Three, Four and Five

Ha! I’m blogging three days worth of potty training escapades. The
whole process has been easier than I thought it would be and simultaneously exhausting. It is tough to be super vigilant about someone else’s toilet needs.

Day three was amazing. In fact, here is a picture of the sticker map we started using every time we had a potty success.


What some of you may not know is that I have a shower curtain tacked to my downstairs bathroom wall. It is the world map and Erik has been intrigued by it fince he could point and make noise. He is not very good at wearing
stickers so we started putting stickers on the compass rose and all
around it each time he successfully peed in the toilet. He thinks it
is cool.

In addition to the sticker wall, which by the way, the photo is of the beginning of day three, we developed a potty dance. Anyone who is around has to cheer insanely, grab hands and form a circle, and dance around rocking out to the chant, “Potty, potty, potty. Everybody potty!” Erik adores this and requests we do the potty dance every time he charges out of the bathroom.

Back to day three …

It was great. This day is really the day where it is obvious the kid gets it. Although he only asked to go once, we kept putting him on the toilet about every 90 minutes to two hours. And that’s how I do it. I can’t always tell when he’s grabbing himself. Nor can I see him wiggle around and look like he’s desperate to go. So, I’ve got to ask him if he needs to go. Of course, he says he doesn’t. I started wising up to
this and mapping out plans for him to follow. For instance, I would tell him that the plan was to clean up his toys, potty, wash his hands and get a sticker. I would make him agree to this plan and then we’d implement it. Okay, okay, okay … at some point on day two, or it could have started on day three, I also bribed him with a piece of chocolate. Or in his words, “chlocolate.”

Only two accidents happened today and they involved poop.

You know, it is very tough to talk about potty training without saying words like pee and poop. I guess I could say things like bowel movement, number two, or even, number one. In all honesty, those words don’t work. Apologies if I offend your delicate constitutions. *grin*

Day four was pretty great too. Here’s the sticker map reflecting all of the successes up to the morning of day four.


Erik had the opportunity to take a quick trip out of the house today. I was terrified he was going to pee all over the chiropractor’s office. I packed two pairs of pants, two pairs of underwear and an extra shirt. I sat him on the potty before we left and had him try to go. Dad had him on the potty as soon as we got to the office and again at the end of the appointment. Still nothing. Mom was starting to worry and get very anxious. When we pulled into our driveway, I outlined the plan which consisted of going into the house, taking off our shoes, going potty, washing our hands, getting a sticker and drinking some water. We implemented it and it went well. *big sigh*

When Erik is on the potty I have to admit that it is tough to hear pee
hit the water. I can’t always tell he has gone. Luckily, he tells me he is going but he is two. I can’t exactly take his word every time he says something is true. I’ve learned he is a bit of a negotiator so I have to be careful about believing his word. Every time he goes, I’ve got to check. The Bjorn potty seat has a built-in pee guard (thank
goodness too). If Erik has gone, the back of it is wet, and on occasion, some pee works its way under the pee guard and on the actual toilet seat. As a blind mama, I’ve got to touch to see if this is wet. Let me tell you though, our toilet seat has never been so clean. After each visit by Erik that thing gets wiped down by disinfectant wipes.

Sometimes, it is very tough to get the kid to the bathroom. I don’t want to fight with him in fear he’ll get some negative association with going pee. I try to make it fun if he gets all insane on me. He has this little truck he can sit on and ride. He calls it his train. So, several times, I’ve convinced him to ride the “potty train” into the bathroom. Also, he loves piggyback rides. So, sometimes, I’ve got to offer a piggyback ride into the bathroom. That works too.

The title of this blog entry includes day five, which in the whole scheme of time actually occurred on September first. On this day, mom and dad, and a good friend, took the day off and went to the Livermore Wine Festival. Erik stayed home with Grandma E. And from all accounts, he did great! He went to the neighborhood park and played. He stayed dry. He listened to grandma and went potty each time—although a few
attempts were dry ones. He did wet himself during his nap though. The
first three days he stayed dry during naps but not on days four and

What we’ve done to keep nap times as dry as possible is use a plastic
underwear cover-up during the nap. I didn’t want to put on a diaper in
the middle of the day. I felt like it would be taking a step back. For bedtime, we use a pull-up. He isn’t always pleased about using one because he is a big boy, but he gets into it. On the mornings of day four and five, he did wake mom and dad up with the declaration that his pull-up was wet which made me very proud to hear.

All in all, the kid gets potty training and it only really took three days. What I think it comes down to is that mom is now more nervous and uptight about using the potty than the kid is himself.

I’m still way nervous about the accidents that will likely happen
during trips—especially trips on BART. I welcome any suggestions or
ideas from parents who have dealt with commuting accidents. I’m sure
we’ll have our accidents. And I’m sure we’ll survive them. I’m sure
that as a responsible mom, I need to carry a couple of changes of
clothes from now until forever. Okay, perhaps not forever but for a
good long while.

Thanks for reading my posts about potty training. Thanks for the
support and the words of encouragement. Feel free to leave a comment for me to read. I would appreciate hearing from you.

Signing off for now,
Bay Area Blind Mom

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