My Pole Journey: The Culmination of Group Classesb

Well, I told you I was awful at consistently blogging. But here we are; and, you are probably wondering how all of my group classes went. Well …

My first group pole series was an amazing experience. All five ladies had varying degrees of skill and we were able to piece together awesome choreography that showcased each of us.

At the end of our five classes, we performed in a student showcase. My first ever pole performance!

It was simultaneously exciting and nerve wracking. It’s not like I was new to performing. But, my body image issues were certainly rearing up full force. I’m mostly okay with the way I look, but I know I have a few dozen pounds of wiggly jiggly around my center that really aught not to be there for my personal health. Yes, I can make excuses like I’ve had three babies, all of my crash dieting for all of those years in judo screwed with my metabolism, etc. The excuses can go on forever. The fact of the matter is, my weight and my shape are what they are, and I can do something about it, or not.

Well, my only option for this performance was to embrace my body and have fun. So I did.

I rocked my beautiful boots, my cheap ass pleather looking shorts, my shiny purple top and my rhinestone studded fishnet stockings. I really wanted to love those stockings, but there’s something rather annoying about rhinestones getting caught on each other and the only way out is to pull your thighs apart and rip the stockings. (Yes, that did happen more than once at both of my performances.)

Here’s a photo of me taking a photo of myself in the mirror at my first student showcase.

Two weeks after the student showcase, we had the opportunity to perform at the Northern California Pole Presentational, NCPP. It was super cool to perform on a stage in front of a large crowd. It was really cool to see so many talented people doing the most amazing spins, poses, tricks, and choreography on and around poles. Have I mentioned how athletic pole dancing can be? The whole evening was just what I needed to really get hooked.

Here’s the best video I could get of our performance.

So, that’s it. That was the culmination of my group pole class. I loved it so much that I decided to sign myself up for the 2019 PSO Golden Pole Championships in February. I’m going to sign up as a beginner and do the very best I can as a solo performer. It happens to take place the day before I turn 38, so I feel like this is a wonderful way to say goodbye to 37, and hello fabulous 38!

Signing off for now,

Bay Area Blind Mom

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