To Bread or Not to Bread

I appreciate that my children are not fans of bread. Sure they like the Hawaiian rolls and cake and waffles we eat, But they really like their sandwiches deconstructed.

Meatball subs, in our house, come without the sub.

Turkey and cheese sandwiches, hold the bread please.

Hotdogs and hamburgers are always without buns.

I hope this helps them make healthier food choices as they get older especially since type II diabetes runs in the family.

Growing up I ate a lot of sandwiches for lunch. They often had bologna or salami or peanut butter and jelly in them. As I got older and I had to cut wait for judo, the sandwiches got slightly healthier. Lunch meats became turkey or chicken breast slices. When I was cutting weight hard-core, those sandwiches became rolled up pieces of meat around a stick of cheese.

Fast forward to today and being new to a lifestyle with diabetes, I haven’t had too many issues avoiding bread. For a decade now, we just don’t eat a lot of bread. And the kids have played a major role in that. I guess this is the one fantastic thing about having picky eaters. All three of those monsters are picky about what goes inside of a sandwich, but all three of them would prefer to eat that sandwich without bread.

One of the things I am trying to introduce into our household is more vegetables. Or more creative ways to incorporate eating fruit. Sometimes grabbing an apple to munch on just seems like a lot of work. I’m one of those people who really needs to have my apple sliced. Otherwise, I’m just not gonna eat it. Bananas in this house go very quickly, and if I buy more than say six, then they get cheetah spots because we cannot eat them fast enough. Berries are another favorite but only amongst one of my children and myself. Except for blueberries. Nobody seems to like blueberries anymore even though as children they adored blueberries. It seems like every day, OK… Maybe every week… Someone has a new dislike that I have to keep up with. But regardless of all the dislikes, I can count on bread beans some thing they would prefer not to eat.

My daughter devoured 10 meatballs today. And I was making meatball subs with three meatballs each. If she would’ve eaten all those meatballs with bread, that would easily have added an additional 480 calories to the 460 calories from the 10 meatballs.

Three hotdog buns are more calories than 10 meatballs! Yikes!

Consuming all this would have more than doubled her calorie intake. If she would have consumed the meatballs and the hotdog buns, she would’ve eaten almost 1000 cal in one meal. No almost 4-year-old girl should eat that many calories in one meal.

This one example clearly illustrates why I am grateful for the amount of bread we do not eat in this house.

Signing off for now,

Bay Area Blind Mom

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