Yonanas Rama & the Big 4:0

You might be wondering what a Yonanas Rama is. Well … it is something I invented today! Well, that isn’t exactly true. My good friend and blogger, Blind Broad @ It Starts with Quiche, suggested the name. The idea was born just a few days ago when I was trying to think of healthy things I could eat on my upcoming 40th birthday.

Typically, I would eat cake and ice cream. I’d demand it. Something with Oreos. Something with fruit. Something light and fluffy with the
perfect whipped cream frosting.Yonanas RamaYonanas Rama

Well, I started a 14-day food plan just a mere six days ago, and guess what? It doesn’t allow for sugar or flour, which by the way, is absolutely terrible for you and you might want to seriously consider ditching the drugs.Yonanas Rama

My 14 days end the day before my birthday.

Will I continue eating the foods and the weight of food suggested by the plan?


Will I eat sugar or flour again?

I don’t want to never eat sugar and flour.

But … I want to get down to a much healthier weight. I want to eliminate my type II diabetes by eating right. I totally endeavor to keep weighing my food and eat all the veggies and fruit I wasn’t eating before.Yonanas RamaYonanas Rama

I plan on weighing my food. Yep, I said that. I know what proper portion sizes are. I know about my plate, but there is something in me that appreciates the exactness of 4 ounces or 6 ounces. And, what I also super appreciate about this food plan is that after I eat, I’m done. I’m done until the next meal. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping good hopes that this can work for me.Yonanas RamaYonanas Rama

And as for sugar and flour … if I can cut them out of my diet 97% of the time …Yonanas RamaYonanas Rama then I know I’ll be happy and satisfied with myself and my health.

Okay, okay, okay … I’m totally veering off topic but it was necessary background info.

So, since my birthday falls on day 15, which is technically after the food plan challenge, I decided on celebrating my birthday in a much
healthier way than I have ever done. In fact, it will be the healthiest food birthday in 40 birthdays.Yonanas Rama

I have this amazing machine called the Yonanas Maker. This was given to me by my dear friend Sarah. It takes spotted bananas to a whole new level.

Once your bananas begin to get brown spots, simply peel them, and freeze them. When you are ready for your Yonanas treat, take out the banana and any other fruit and partially thaw them out for about 7 minutes. Pop the Bananas into the machine and make ice cream!

You read right! The machine creams the frozen fruit with no added sugars, liquids, nada. The fruit is literally the texture of ice cream. So much so even my kids call it ice cream. … Okay, technically it is considered soft serve.

Back to Yonanas Rama …

On my birthday, my parents will be visiting. For those who want to enter into the Yonanas Rama, they must make the best ice cream that day. Of course, I am the judge since I will be the birthday queen.

The rules are:

  • Must be made with the available frozen fruits and possible frozen vegetables.
  • The only toppings allowed are fresh fruits, vegetables, and a reasonable amount of nuts or nut butters.
  • And finally, the ice cream you make must be eaten by you as well. I decided this was important in case one of my children decided to put broccoli with the ice cream.

And that’s all. That’s the Yonanas Rama.

I’ll be sure to take video and share.

What do you think? Brilliant, eh?

Signing off for now,
Bay Area Blind Mom

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