Braille Across America

The Martinez/Bakker family posing after a color run.

Exactly one month ago, I turned 40. I am trying to get healthier and live my life more fully. I have decided to add a little exercise to my life as one of the many ways I’m improving my health and upping my fun. Starting today, and running through April 19, I’m running a marathon. Okay … it’s not 26.2 miles all in one day, but I am committing to walking/running/jogging 26.2 miles over a 33 day period in the Braille Across America challenge. This is an innovative fundraiser which will raise money to help put braille under the fingertips of blind kids and adults. National Braille Press is committed to braille literacy and the Braille Across America virtual marathon is just one of many ways NBP promotes literacy.

One marathon is obviously not challenging enough, so my personal goal is to walk the equivalent of 2 marathons between March 17 and April 19. I’m committing to walking a total of 52.4 miles in a little over one month’s time. Awesome or terrifying? … You decide.

LM wearing a tiara with the #40 & a black shirt with rhinestones that spell out fierce, fabulous & 40.

Let me tell you a little more about me and why this challenge.

I’m a blind mama of 3 amazing children all 10 and under. Braille is important to me and my family. It’s how I read to my kids. It’s how I keep track of important things to do. It’s my life.

I’m passionate about raising awareness about braille literacy and how essential it is to blind people, not only for literacy, but employment as well. Did you know that only about 10% of blind adults read braille, and of those 10%, 90% of them are employed? With a whopping 75% unemployment rate, braille seems pretty essential to me.

You can support my Braille Across America Challenge and help cheer me on by donating through my page here.

It cost three times more to produce a book in braille than it does in print. Donations help cover the difference so that braille books are available for the same price they are in print because National Braille Press believes a blind person should not have to pay more for the same information.

Help me help NBP keep that equality!

Any donation amount will help. My goal is to raise $262, but secretly, I’d like to raise $10 for every mile I plan on walking. So … I’m hoping to secretly, or not-so-secretly, raise $524.

As of the start of my double marathon, I have raised 10% of my goal. For every donation over $26.20 made in the first 2 days of my double marathon, I’ll handcraft a customized body butter just for you. All it takes is a donation of $26.20. Double that donation and I’ll make you a second jar of rich and creamy body butter in the scent of your choice!

If virtual giving doesn’t float your boat, you can also give via phone – 617-425-2410 – and let them know you’re giving towards my Braille Across America page. Every little bit helps!

Thanks so much for your support… and please don’t forget to send this page to any friends you think might be interested in donating!

With much love and grattitude,

Signing off for now,

LM — Bay Area Blind Mom

P.S. You can learn more about me and keep up with the Braille Across America challenge on my blog: Find me on Clubhouse or Facebook: @BayAreaBlindMom.

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