The Word of Erik

Disclaimer: If you are religious, I mean no offense by the above title.


As a parent, we often hear our children struggle with language. Let’s be real, the English language is not easy to learn for anyone of any age. It is no wonder that children will often say some very beautifully incorrect words.


In this blog I hope to share a list of funny words and phrases Erik has said throughout his growing up. I hope you will share your funny words and phrases said by your children, grandchildren, brother, sister, niece, nephew, next door neighbor … I think you get the point.


At about 5-8 months:

Erik makes a noise that sounds very much like the Mandarin for “little brother.”

At about 10-12 months:

“Me a mo” means “I want more.”

At about 12-15 months:

Erik says “foffee” instead of “coffee.”

Sometime before 2 years old:

Erik says “yacuum” instead of “vacuum.”

Sometime before 2 years old:

Erik says “Geg people” referring to British people. He knows someone British named Greg, so for a time, he called all British people “Geg people.”  

At 3 years old:

Erik says “cay-cation” instead of “vacation.”


I’m sure there were, and will continue to be, plenty more funny words and phrases, but I’m not recalling more at the time of this post. Do you have anything funny to share?


Signing off for now,

Bay Area Blind Mom


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  1. Oh what fun to remember! your Eric sounds like such a cutey.
    Ok here is what comes to mind for me.

    Valerie was Voolery
    Cathy was cacky
    Dog was gog
    dirty diaper was dirdie diddie
    our dog Jazz was Dazzy
    car was carcar

    wish I could remember more of these.


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