My Pole Journey: The Prologue

Hello virtual friends. It has been a long, long while since I posted on my blog. I’m hoping to get back into the habit. Fortunately, I have an awesome journey I want to share with you all. Nope, I am not having another kid so settle down.

I want to share with you my experiences, both positive and negative, with pole dance. I’ve begun taking classes and it has been quite the journey. So … come along with me and be entertained.

Every little kid dreams about climbing poles and spinning around poles, right?

I’m not sure exactly what prompted me to research pole dancing, but in the summer of 2016, I decided I needed to up my fitness. I was doing yoga on a weekly basis. I was feeling strong and energetic. I wanted to do more. My husband and I were finally getting the hang of the two kid thing, we were trying to fit date nights into our lives, and we were pretty content with the way life was unfolding.

I spent hours on YouTube watching person after person spinning, fan kicking, climbing, hand standing, and flipping around a pole. It was fascinating and I wanted in. I found a studio in SF that offered a five class series that sounded most intriguing. I wanted to sign up and the first class was in August.

It was late June and I had a two week summer program at work to live through. I was going to sit on the idea of pole dancing classes for a bit and sign up in mid-July. At least, that was the idea.

Over the next several weeks, even though I had survived the summer program, I was so, so, very tired and physically exhausted. My joints felt loose and I was starting to have a suspicion. So, I took a test.

Surprise! In mid-July, I confirmed that I was about ten weeks pregnant which explained many of the aches I was feeling and the overwhelming exhaustion. I decided this was not the best time to start pole dancing classes. I was sad, but I was too tired to care.

That is where my journey took a pause. And this is where I will pause until my next post.

Signing off for now,

Bay Area Blind Mom

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