Peanut Butter Jelly Time

My family often hosts barbecues at our home which means we buy lots of hotdogs, burgers, salmon burgers, and other meats. Along with hotdogs and burgers comes … buns. I find buns to be one of the most annoying food items in the world. I think of buns as annoying because so many people I know eat hotdogs and burgers without buns. And, have you ever noticed how the bun packages have more buns in them than the hotdog and burger packages have hotdogs and burgers? It is a conspiracy! Anyways …

We seem to have a ton of leftover hamburger and hotdog buns in our freezer at any given moment in time. So, one day, when I opened my refrigerator and realized that the PB&J sandwiches I promised the kids looked like a no-go, I had to get creative before the meltdowns happened. I ran into our garage to peek inside the big freezer, and not-so-surprisingly found a Costco sized package of hotdog buns. I took a few buns out, popped them into the toaster, whipped out the organic peanut butter and the strawberry jelly. For a touch of what felt like brilliance, I grabbed our strawberry slicer and sliced up some plump red strawberries which I lovingly placed on the Subway-like sandwiches. My middle child, Zak, loved this part the best. I felt like I scored one for mom that day.

Recently, we had chili dogs without the dog, just chili and cheese in a bun.

Try out your own version of PB&J dogs and tell me how it goes. What is your favorite jelly flavor? What do you think about hamburger buns instead of hotdog buns? I would love to hear about genius ideas beyond the chili and the jelly.

Signing off for now,

Bay Area Blind Mom

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