My Second Student Showcase

On February 9, I performed in my second SF Pole and Dance Student Showcase. I had a blast and had the honor of performing with three amazing ladies. Here’s a photo of us at the end of the night, just posing on the pole.

We danced to buttons by the pussycat Dolls and I still have the ugliest body waves ever! Someday they will look normal … or maybe not so much.

I used this performance as a trial run for eye makeup and no sunglasses. I’ve been waffling back and forth about whether or not I want to wear my sunglasses during the PSO competition. Generally speaking, I feel better with the sunglasses on so they cover the oily medicine I use since I have no tears. However, my pole routine for the competition has a lot of movement and the last thing I need is for my sunglasses to fly off. So, to wear or not to wear?

My eyes aren’t the prettiest eyes in town, I have hardly any eyelashes, one cornea/pupil is covered in scar tissue, and the other is some color unbeknownst to me. My right eye is puffy, probably from eye surgeries, and all of this is topped off by a lovely coat of ointment.

I deal with the issue of to wear or not to wear all the time: when I’m hosting friends at home, at the pool, the gym, on the beach, when I competed in judo. I’m more comfortable around friends and family, but it is still hard for me to look directly at people because I hear what I think they are saying in their head about my eyes and the way they look.

I’ve been having discussions with my sister about whether or not I should wear the sunglasses. Somedays, I’m all like, hell ya, I’m gonna rock some rhinestone studded eyewear and it is gonna be awesome. Other days, I’m like, fuck it! I’m blind and I’m proud and I’m gonna show my eyes … maybe …?

So, I decided to shop on Amazon, as one does, for amazing glittery eyeshadow. I decided that if I can line my eyes with some glittery gunk, perhaps, maybe, I’d feel okay flashing the eyes on stage.

After trial an error, bruised looking eyes, redonculous looking eyeshadow, and my crazy application of the eye gunk, I had a game plan. The plan was to test run the eye makeup and make sure I had fabulous lipstick to go with it.

I still can’t put on the eye gunk on my own without looking rather odd. I did, however, get a dancer in my group to apply the eyeshadow for me and she did brilliantly. I slapped on some Violet Vixen lipstick, applied some blush, and I put on my game face for the evening to see if that inner-confidence would come out to play. Here’s my face:

Overall, it rocked! … I love sparkles so wearing the black eyeshadow with glitter made me happy. I’ve figured that I can wear the eye stuff for about 30 to 60 minutes before my eyes get dry and I need to put eye medication in.

The student showcase was amazing and I’ll leave you with our rockin’ performance here. Enjoy!

Signing off for now,

Bay Area Blind Mom

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