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So, if you are reading this, you might have also read my previous two blog posts on dinner time. In my very first dinner time post, Blogging and Meal Time Woes, I lamented that I’m terrible at blogging consistently. I just want to give myself a high friggin’ 5! …I’ve just published 3 posts in as many days! …

Woot woot!

Any hoot …

Today’s blog post is a green one. I don’t mean environmentally green. I mean entertaining my children green.

The pesto salmon went over so well the other day that my eldest kiddo requested pesto pasta. I had this beautiful dream of making a chicken pesto pasta with some type of tasty veggie treat on the side. Well,I asked said eldest child to grab 2 chicken boobs out of the freezer but he claimed there were none, nada, zip, nothinh.

It turns out, not only did we have chicken boobs, but we had thighs as well. Sigh.

Believing him, I went with the flow and decided to make our dinner meatless. A meatless meal is not infrequent in our household but usually consists of rice and beans.

I started boiling the water for the pasta and then hit a wall.

I was feeling stuck …

I was feeling panick …

… not about the meatless part, or even the pesto pasta part, I just couldn’t figure out what else to make.

I could just make pasta, right? Couldn’t I?

What it came down to is that mom should not just be eating pasta. So mom needed something else to eat instead of a big plate full of pestoy carbs.

So I sucked it up like every good mom and I decided to try and entice my children to eat. This meant dinner wasn’t going to be a perfectly balanced meal.

A small white rectangular plate holds pesto pasta and a pile of green beans with a pat of melting butter on top

As you can see in the photo above, we had an all green dinner.

Pesto is green and green beans are green. And I really wish I had lime jell-O! But I didn’t, so we had rice crispy treats, which are not green. They were given to us by a friend and were not originally apart of the meal.

and yes, I know I could’ve made a green salad but … hello … three kids!

Signing off for now,

Bay Area Blind Mom

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